About Us / Picking the Right Coffee

There are literally hundreds of good coffees out there. There are also hundreds of not so good coffees.

Roasting coffee is an art. It is not something that can be done by setting a timer, pressing a button and walking away.

Unfortunately most of the coffees roasted today are the latter.

I truly believe that most folks roasting coffee today try to do the best they can…unfortunately….few of them have ever received the training necessary to learn the art of coffee roasting. Most were sold a small roaster and after a couple of days training were turned out on their own.

At Olde World we have been roasting coffee for over eighty years. Our master roaster has been roasting forty years and has roasted millions of pounds of coffee.

Our coffee is roasted for the American palate. We do not destroy the characteristics of the different coffees by over-roasting or charring

the beans.

If you love the taste of coffee, then ours is the coffee for you.

However, if you prefer a Seattle style roast, then unfortunately our coffee will not be to your taste and we will gladly recommend a roaster who will appeal to your palate.

Give us a try…Let your customers be the judge.